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Recording transactions is bookkeeping, whereas accounting is interpreting, analyzing, reporting, and summarizing financial data. In today’s corporate world, outsourcing some of your internal operations can be an intelligent decision for your business strategy. We can help you increase your bandwidth and take on many internal processes, allowing you the space to concentrate on core business.

In this context, we provide the following functionalities:

# Preparing and maintaining accounts using leading accounting packages like Tally, Quickbooks, Zoho, SAP, and others.

# Preparing standalone and consolidated financial statements and reports.

# Monthly MIS reporting – helps you in making informed business decisions.

# Assist in end-to-end ERP implementation/migration.

# Working Capital Management.

Business Strategy

Strategy Consulting involves the formulation of enterprise-wide and business unit strategies and goals.
It generally revolves around the development of strategic plans and the setup and implementation of roadmaps.

We assist in:

# Improvement of business process systems resulting in increased productivity, reduced time, and costs.

# Development of accounting, budgeting, forecasting.

# Cost control and optimum utilization of economic resources.

# Recruitment of personnel.

Corporate Law

The Companies Act, 1956/2013; SEBI Act, 1992; FEMA Act, 1999; and other numerous legislations are regulated by vigilant regulators like the MCA, Ministry of Finance (SEBI), and RBI. The compliances relating to Incorporation, corporate restructuring, foreign Investment in India, legal, due diligence, etc. are manifold. The timing, accuracy, legal formalities are of utmost importance, and the adherence to the same builds goodwill and reputation in the long run as a corporate citizen.

We assist in:

# Setup, Governance, Compliance, and all lifecycle activities of a Private and LLP entities.

# FEMA Compliance.

# FDI & ODI regulations and reporting.

# NCLT & ROC liaison and representation.

# Drafting of notices, minutes, reports, etc. in respect of Board and General Meetings.

# Attending and advising on the conduct of Board and Shareholders Meetings.

# Maintaining minutes, statutory registers & records.

# Preparation and filing of various forms and returns with ROC or MCA.

# Verifying and Certifying the forms requires to be filed under the Companies Act, 2013.

# Carrying out all other secretarial compliance activities as may be necessary from time to time.

# Advising Board of Directors on their responsibilities, liabilities, and ways to mitigate risk arising out of non-compliance or default in compliance.


Due Diligence

Due diligence refers to the research and analysis process before any acquisition, investment, business partnership, or bank loan. It is commonly used by investing partners as an intelligence tool to obtain an independent and sophisticated report concerning the investee’s credentials.

Our due diligence service focuses on the most critical elements of transactions, including:

# Evaluating quality and reasonableness of historical and projected earnings and cash flows.

# Identifying hidden costs, commitments and contingencies.

# Identifying and quantifying tax exposures.

# Identifying and quantifying liabilities that can be deal-breakers.

# Highlighting issues likely to affect the purchase price or contract conditions.

Investment Advisory

The right investments at the right time and place are the key to financial freedom. However, the vast multitude of investment avenues in the economy put prospective investors in a dilemma. Any investment in Real Estate, stock market, and startup ventures require a critical analysis of the investor’s financial goals and risk appetite.

Our thoughtful analysis of your SWOT brings to you the best portfolios that suit you.

Legal Advisory

The competent and experienced legal team at “ACS” has an in-depth understanding of the Indian constitution’s complex laws. We guide in making legally correct business decisions and offer support services that can increase efficiency and reduce the cost of routine legal activities.

Among the most common ways we serve our clients are by supporting:

# The drafting and negotiation of NDA’s, as well as confidentiality and settlement agreements.

# The review, negotiation, and drafting of all types of commercial contracts.

# The drafting of board minutes, proxies, and general or special POA.

# Corporate Compliance and risk assessment.


We help you set up your business on a solid foundation and well-organized from day one. There are different forms in which businesses in India can be set up. We guide you in choosing the right business type for your specific business needs. We provide the following services:

# Incorporation of companies and other entities

# Registration of any required business license

# Trademark Registration

# Copyright Registration

# Any other registration with fiscal authorities

Start-up Ecosystem

We assist in:

Improvement of business process systems resulting in increased productivity, reduced time, and costs.

Development of accounting, budgeting, forecasting.

Cost control and optimum utilization of economic resources.

Recruitment of personnel.


In the era of continuous development and growth of the economy, legislators make rapid tax laws changes, resulting in constant updates and interpretation of laws. We endeavor to identify potential threats & opportunities and advise on appropriate strategies to mitigate exposure and optimize tax incidence on our clients. We help businesses to maximize value by identifying and implementing comprehensive plans for individuals and corporates taxes.

We provide all type of taxation services and other ancillary services, including:

Assist in tax compliance, including filings.

Advice on tax planning opportunities to optimize tax incidence.

GST Registrations and filings.

Representation services.

Virtual CFO Services

The CFO service is relevant to high-growth companies that range from a start-up to a mid-sized company. We take full charge of the company’s CFO/ Head of Finance function as their Ongoing/ Interim CFO. The engagement model is offsite and delivered through a robust engagement framework with taking complete ownership of the Finance & Accounts function. It is a cost-effective model of running a finance function in a business due to the high cost of getting a finance manager in-house.

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